MSD men’s basketball wins first home game of the season against Fort Lauderdale High School

Demetrius Summers (1) charged toward the net through Fort Lauderhill’s defense. Summers’s continuous ability to work his way to the rim provided the team an upper hand throughout the game.

Noah Lechtenstein and Quincy Siffort

MSD men’s basketball has first home game of the season against Fort Lauderdale High School

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School men’s varsity basketball had their first home game of the season against Fort Lauderdale High School. Coming into the game, MSD was looking to continue their hot start to their 2-0 season, against Ft. Lauderdale, who also won their first game of the season.

To begin the game, both teams started slow as they were looking for rhythm on offense. Additionally, tight defense on both sides led to many turnovers.

Douglas was the first to gain momentum led by guard Jhalen Phang (5). Ft. Lauderdale was able to keep the game close with easy shots at the basket as MSD was not disciplined and did not get back on defense in the transition.

“I took matters into my own hands to give the team a spark, because I felt good in warm-ups,” Phang said.

The second quarter began with the score at 17-13 and both teams were looking to pull away. MSD started the quarter with another run as they pressured Ft. Lauderdale ball handlers on the inbound.

Off the bench, guard Dylan Stettner (2) brought intensity and was a pest on defense as he forced turnovers and was the cause of easy points for Douglas in his short time on the court.

“Coach Teddy puts me in the game to steal the ball, so when I get in, I do exactly that,” Stettner said.

Ft. Lauderdale adjusted to the pressure and quickly shortened the Eagles’ lead, by beating the press and continuing to get easy shots at the basket. At the end of the second quarter, MSD led 36-32.

At the start of the second half, both teams were scoring back and forth as their halfcourt defense was sub-par. MSD was the first to pull away in the half as they forced misses and easy baskets in transition. They got out to a 13-point lead and were able to sustain it for the rest of the third quarter.

Heading into the final quarter, MSD took their foot off the gas and allowed Ft. Lauderdale to come back and shorten the lead to three points. The Flying L’s were making their shots and applied more pressure on defense. In the end though, Douglas pulled out a 63-57 win.

The Eagles look to continue their win streak in their next game against McArthur High School on Dec. 2, and Ft. Lauderdale is looking forward to a bounce back win against Hallandale High School.