Cricut machines create a unique way for stencil users to show off their creativity


Riley Green

Cricut Crafts. Cricut machines are an easy way to get creative. Cricut is a smart cutting machine that cuts almost every material you can imagine with the help of the accessories.

Riley Green, Photographer

Cricut machines are smart cutting machines that give people an outlet to show off their creativity. You are able to buy the machines and the accessories on the Cricut website or at stores such as Hobby Lobby, Amazon, Walmart and more. With the ability to cut anything from vinyl to cardstock to magnetic sheets, the creative possibilities are endless.

To get started, you have to find which machine will work best for you. They have a wide variety of options to choose from, starting with the smallest option of Cricut machines. There is the Cricut Joy, which is sold for $179.99. It is suitable for projects up to 5.5 inches wide and 20 feet long. It is a compact machine, which makes it easy to travel and makes everyday projects a breeze.

The next size up for machines is the Cricut Explore 3, which is suitable for projects that are up to 13 inches wide and 75 feet long. You can buy the Cricut Explore 3 for $319.99. Being able to cut over 100 different materials, the machine gives you many options to let your creativity flourish.

Lastly, their biggest machine is the Cricut Maker 3, which is being sold for $429.99. It is also suitable for projects up to 13 inches wide and 75 feet long; but it has the ability to cut over 300 different materials. From vinyl to fabric to balsa wood, there is a never-ending possibility of things to make.
They also sell different kinds of heat presses to help transfer the vinyl onto the material you are designing. They have three basic heat presses: the Cricut autopress, Cricut Easypress 2 and Cricut Easypress 3. The heat press is just a square-shaped iron to make it easier and more efficient to get the heat-transfer vinyl onto the material. They also have a heat press designed specifically for hats and mugs.

The machines are best known for being able to cut vinyl. Vinyl can be used for a wide range of applications. With heat-transfer vinyl, removable vinyl, permanent vinyl and even sticker paper, you have the option to create many different things.

The heat-transfer vinyl allows you to put your design on any type of clothing, from shirts to hoodies to hats. It is an easy way for you to be able to make your own clothing and express your style. If you are into sewing, then the Cricut Maker 3 can cut the fabric so all you have to do is sew it on.

People use heat-transfer vinyl to make a variety of items. Many use it to make custom shirts and hoodies. This allows people to put any design they can think of on any kind of clothing item. For example, people who are going to Disney can make one-of-a-kind custom Disney shirts.
The permanent vinyl allows you to do almost anything you can imagine. You could customize different cups or make stickers for your car, which the Cricut became known for on social media platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram.

Many people use permanent vinyl to make custom water bottles or tumblers. From putting basic shapes to their names, they have the ability to put almost any image they can think of. Many people also like to put their social media accounts on their car. With the permanent vinyl, it allows them to make the vinyl with their tag and cut out the middleman of having to pay someone else to make it.

Sticker paper and removable vinyl are then used to create temporary designs. They are easily removed but will not come off unless you peel them off. Many people use the removable vinyl for crafts that require a stencil, such as glass etching. Lots of parents and teachers make stickers for their kids instead of spending money on packs and packs of stickers. However, vinyl is only one of the many materials that the Cricut can cut.

With the temporary designs, it is an entire other ballpark of ideas. The temporary designs can be used for glass etching or even as a coloring stencil. The temporary vinyl can be used for almost anything, from stencils to temporary decorations and much more. The removable vinyl can also just be a placeholder while you test out different ideas and colors to see if you like the idea.

Once you have your materials and machine, you then have to download the Cricut Design Space app onto your computer, phone or tablet. This app provides a plethora of preprogrammed designs as well as the option to design and upload your own. Once your design is picked out, it gets sent to your machine through a Bluetooth connection and starts cutting.

If you wanted to use items that were not made of vinyl, there are many options, such as card stock, magnets, veneer shapes, leather and more. People take the leather and cut designs out, which allow them to be used for crafts such as custom journal covers and jewelry. The cardstock has never ending possibilities, you can make one of a kind cards or even homemade decorations.

Outside of vinyl, it can also cut card stock, leather, magnet sheets and more. With the holiday season just around the corner, the Cricut machines give people the option of creating customized items as gifts. The possibilities of what you can create are never-ending.