MSD mens varsity lacrosse defeats Coral Glades in the opening season game

Breakaway. Ryan Spallina (5) travels swiftly downfield after stealing the ball from the opposing Jaguars. Spallina continued his night serving a valuable position offensive and defensively, aiding many payers with assists.

Natalia Lopez, Writer

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School men’s varsity lacrosse team played their first game of the season against Coral Glades High School on Monday, Feb. 13. In advance, the Eagles attended various practices where they prepared for the upcoming season.

The first quarter kicked off with a shot scored by midfielder Preston Gerena (7), seconds within the start of the game. The Jaguars then attempted to score for themselves, but the defense for the Eagles blocked the shot, not allowing them to score.

As the game progressed, the Eagles scored various points, including one by midfielder Ryan Spallina (5) after an assist from midfielder Jerry Thomas (4). The Eagles scored again after a goal by forward Noah Ozan (45) to end the quarter. The Jaguars continued in their attempt of a shot to redeem themselves but were not able to fully make it past the Eagles defense, resulting in the quarter ending 8-0 after many other offensive scores.

Starting the second quarter, the Eagles wasted no time and immediately went for a shot, leading to a score by forward Darren Edenbaum (1). The game began to slow down as no players scored, and the Eagles began to let the guard down, allowing for a score by the Jaguars.

“Our substitution began to become less clear, allowing mistakes to happen,” Ozan said.

The Eagles were still dominating as the score was 10-1. As soon as the second quarter was nearing its end, the Jaguars were penalized, causing them to have one less player on defense. The Eagles took advantage as they managed to score their last shot of the second quarter.

With the score a whopping 16-1, the Eagles maintained their momentum where they continued to score. Both the third and fourth quarter began to slow down and the Eagles lost eye on the ball, allowing the Jaguars to have an open shot to score. With only two minutes left in the game, the Eagles scored their final shot. As the clock ran down, the Eagles proved victorious with an final score of 23-2.

The Eagles dominated throughout the entire game and hope to continue their season with many similar wins as they will play their first away game at South Plantation High School on Friday, Feb. 17, at 7 p.m.