Women’s basketball team runs over Pompano Beach

Ryan LoFurno

On Dec. 12, the women’s basketball team took on the Pompano Beach Tornadoes at the MSD gym. Both teams had warmed up and got pepped up for an exciting game ahead of them and by 6 p.m. were ready for a jump ball. As the referee was about to throw up the ball, Pompano called a timeout. The women on court who were prepared to play had to go back to their coaches and wait yet again for a jump ball. Finally, the game started with the Eagles winning the jump ball and the game was underway.

The first period ended with an outstanding performance by the Eagles both on the defense and offense. Scoring 20 points, they had great ball control and were able to easily connect with the basket. This was also due to the fact that the team held Pompano to a scoreless first half and most turnovers ended up with an Eagles score.

“During the game, height was definitely an advantage to us because we were able to get a lot of rebounds,” sophomore Abby Hsu said.

The second period was no different with the team holding Pompano to only 5 points with another good defensive performance and a lot of rebounds. At the same time, they were able to score another 16 points, making the score 36-5. With the huge 31-point lead at halftime, it was obvious the team was prepared for the game.

As the halftime buzzer rang, both teams went out of the gym to get a recap of the game. When they came back out the Eagles were ready to execute their plays and secure the rest of the game.

“Our team has been working together in the off season and has more chemistry and when we executed the plays that we ran we scored almost every possession,” Assistant Coach Laura said.

In the second half, the women were able to outperform once again and capitalize on their substantial lead. The end score of the game was a blowout, 65-15, keeping the team’s record undefeated so far this season.

Most games earlier in their season ended in leads of around 20-30 points, but this one ended up with a huge 50-point lead. Despite these big leads through the season the women have tried to keep level heads and with an eye on a state championship.