Men’s cross country team places second overall at districts

Olivia Melamed

On Oct. 24 the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School men’s cross country team competed in Districts at 4:30 p.m. at Tradewinds Park in Coconut Creek. They came in second place, losing to Coral Springs High School by only five points.

“I am very confident in both the girls’ and boys’ teams,” head coach Scott Beigel said. “They will definitely make it to Regionals.”

The cross country team will be moving onto Regionals, then hopefully the state championship. They will continue practicing and training rigorously to beat their personal records.

“We have one more hard workout to keep ourselves in shape before Regionals. We are going to work extra hard and keep practicing,” captain Nick Boyer said.

Gloomy weather with gusts of wind and light showers loomed over the event, but the competition continued nonetheless

“The weather was overcast and humid,” Beigel said. “It’s not great running weather.”

Many people reached new personal records because the season is coming to an end.

“The meet was great. We all ran really well and kept pushing ourselves until the end,” Boyer said.

Senior River Valladares, junior Austin Freese and sophomore Leo Scopino all finished in the top 15 runners.

Valladares finished with a time of 17:26; following him was Freese who finished with a time of 17:57. After them came junior Josh Charo who finished with a time of 18:02, then Scopino finished with a time of 18:25. After Scopino, Boyer finished with the time of 18:31. Junior Jake Glacer finished with a time of 20:06, followed by freshman Brett Lickerman who finished with a time of 20:07. Junior Joshua Gallagher finished with a time of 23:30. Finally, senior Joseph Oprison completed the race with a time of 24:08.

“Some of us run as a pack. When we do this, we can share the work so one person is not pacing the whole time,” Boyer said.

Regionals will take place at South County Regional Park on Nov. 2 starting at 4:00 p.m. for both mens’ and womens’ cross country teams.