[Brief] JV Football Team defeats Coconut Creek High School in opening game

Emily Kolber

On Sept. 6 the men’s JV football team crushed Coconut Creek High School in their first football game with a score of 13 to 0.

Running back Nick Dicaprio (24) scored the first touchdown, leading the team 7-0 for the first quarter. Head coach George LePorte built out a game plan for the offense to take every opportunity to run the ball in order to either reach a first down or touchdown. As third quarter was coming to an end, Dicaprio scored another touchdown, securing the victory for the team.

“I’m so glad that we came out with the win. After all the hard work we put in consistently on a daily basis we truly deserved it. We came together like a true family and got an awesome outcome,” quarterback Michael Katz (11) said.