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MSD students partner pose during Amy Kenny's yoga session

MSD Students participate in a yoga retreat and beach cleanup for “Day of Service and Love”

On Friday, Feb. 14, 2020, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students participated in the “Day of Service and Love,” including activities at Deerfield Beach. Organized by yoga teacher Amy Kenny and AP Environmental teacher Tammy Orilio, the event involved a group morning yoga session, a […]

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Making an Impact. Co-president of Save What’s Left, Daniel Bishop, empties recycling cans from classrooms into the recycling dumpster at MSD on Thursday, Nov. 14. Save What’s Left collects recycling every second and fourth Thursday after school. “Save What’s Left is an organization that puts the environment first in a world that is constantly trying to destroy it,” Bishop said. “Recycling allows our school to do its part in the work that must be done to better the environment.” Photo by Brianna Jesionowski

Save What’s Left focuses on saving the environment

With a new sponsor, new members and a new attitude, the Save What’s Left club at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is looking to make the campus a more eco-friendly place.  After being less active for the past few years, Save What’s Left is welcoming […]

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MSD’s growing carbon footprint has changed how the school consumes energy

With the total number of greenhouse gases emitted from the Earth on the rise, scientists are looking at the amount of energy and resources people use within their everyday lives. One way that scientists measure total energy consumption is with the creation of a carbon […]

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Seas of Green. Algae in the Caloosahatchee River beside the W.P. Franklin Lock and Dam in Alva, Florida, July 11, 2018. Environmental worry that legislation being pushed by Florida Senate President Bill Galvano to build three new toll roads will lead to suburban sprawl that exacerbates Florida’s water quality problems. Photo courtesy of Greg Lovett/The Palm Beach Post/ TNS

South Florida faces a variety of environmental issues and is working towards finding solutions for the future

At a glance, South Florida may simply appear to be home to crystal blue beaches, beautiful homes and a multitude of unique wildlife. However, dig a little deeper and one will find toxic algal blooms that threaten the lives of both plants and animals, rising […]

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Second Job Sensation. Fireworks explode in a display set up by the pyrotechnical company that English teacher Aaron Avis works for. Photo courtesy of  Aaron Avis

MSD teachers work second jobs to meet their financial needs

Camp counselor, financial advisor, tour guide—these are just some of the extra jobs that teachers have picked up, in order to support themselves and their families. Ranging from finance to baking, teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have combined their interests and talents to […]

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Sunkissed Stretches. Seniors Fallon McBrien and Sophie Ayoung Chee hold parter dancer pose together at Deerfield Beach Feb. 14, 2019.  “This was a really relaxing experience that I shared with my best friend,” McBrien said. Photo by Zoe Gordon

Students cleanup Deerfield Beach and participate in yoga on Feb. 14, 2019

*This story was co-written by Ava Steil and Brianna Jesionowski On Feb. 14, 2019, science teacher Tammy Orilio and yoga teacher Amy Kenny hosted a yoga session and beach cleanup at Deerfield Beach as an off campus option as part of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s […]

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Caryola's new project, Crayola Cycle, starts with a box of normal markers.

MSD takes part in Crayola’s new project: Crayola Color Cycle

Dried markers are left untouched for years to pollute the environment. However, with the new Crayola program, ColorCycle, markers are now able to be recycled in the hopes of creating a cleaner Earth. Marjory Stoneman Douglas is taking part in this program as to help […]

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Senior Demitri Hoth speaks at the press conference in Tallahassee. Photo by Kevin Trejos

Students travel to Tallahassee to lobby for change

Exactly one week after the tragedy, about 100 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students traveled to Tallahassee to fight for a cause that they believe will prevent future acts of gun violence in schools. While it may have seemed too soon to depart from their […]

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Culinary arts teacher Ashley Kurth shares her story from Feb. 14. Photo by Mallory Muller

Culinary arts teacher Ashley Kurth pulls students fleeing freshmen building into safety

On Valentine’s day, culinary arts teacher Ashley Kurth was cooking with her class in fourth period. They were doing a lab making shrimp scampi and bang bang shrimp. Incidentally, Kurth stood by her classroom door to ensure that her class’ cooking would not set the […]

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Florida’s susceptibility to climate change prompts civilians to explore scientific and political agendas

*This story was originally published in the first quarter issue of the Eagle Eye* The issue of climate change is one of many debated in mainstream media. There are those who desperately cry for the preservation of the planet’s resources through societal change, and others […]

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