[Brief] Men’s junior varsity baseball team puts down St. Thomas Aquinas High School

Hunter Fitz-Gerald

On April 24, the men’s junior varsity baseball team went up against the St. Thomas Aquinas High School Raiders in a seven inning night game.

The final score of the game was 5-4. The Eagles ended up getting the win. This was the Eagles last game of their season. The Raiders took an early lead and they were able to hold that lead for the majority of the game, but the Eagles’ offense came back in the late innings to strand together five runs.

“I am very happy we were able to finish the season strong and come out with a win in our final game it was a bittersweet moment,” coach Max Boling said.

The Eagles had multiple hits in the late innings and this contributed to them scoring five runs and getting the win. The starting pitcher for the Eagles was Derek Rodriguez (12), who is a right-handed freshman. The Eagles got a boost from many players on the offense having clutch hits.

“This was a good game and it is sad it was our last game, but hopefully I can help out varsity with the rest of the season,” outfielder Chris Arroyo (5) said.

That is all for the 2019 MSD junior varsity spring season, ending with great success and a winning record.