Culinary club feeds varsity football team before game night

Nicole Suarez, Writer

Senior Jordan Beckermeister waits in line for the food culinary has made. Photo by Connor Lieberman

On Friday, Sept. 6, the Culinary Club prepared and served food for the varsity football team. The players were fed chicken pasta with a side salad and cookies.

The Culinary Club was asked to prepare meals which would provide the athletes with the proper calories needed for them to perform at the football game later that day.

“[The Culinary club] is helping the football team by lowering their food cost by feeding the boys nutritious meals before the go and play on the fields and we have a lot more control on what nutrition the boys are getting,” Culinary Teacher Ashley Kurth said.

The Culinary Club serves the football team food on game days and occasionally for team bonding events. This tradition has gone on for approximately three years and has evolved throughout the years.

“Coach May approached and asked if [the culinary club] could provide them with a grab and go, about three years ago, and it kinda blossomed from that.t’s a part of my class anyway,” Kurth said.

The meals that are prepared are chosen by the culinary officers, with the guidance of Kurth. The third and fourth year culinary students will prepare the meals during their class period.

“I gave [the Culinary officers] some parameters like ‘here’s how much starch we should have, proteins, definitely need to have salad, and this dressing would go better’. We also normally go off what we know the students like and what would be a pre-game meal,” Kurth said.

Through this event, culinary students receive extra practice on food handling and service hours that will go towards their graduation.

“This is a really great advantage for me to collect service hours while still doing something I love and understand,” junior Colin McCloskey said.

Chef Kurth encourages her students to participate in this activity. Not only does it help the football team, but it also allows her students to give back to the school and show their school spirit by helping out their fellow eagle athletes.

“Thank you to Chef Kurth and anyone else who helped out, the food is amazing and I enjoy every single week. This helps us get our wins,” junior Nicholas Dicaprio said.

The culinary club will continue to feed the team through the season and will provide a variety of meals and refreshments to help the team prepare for their big games.