MSD celebrates football players, cheerleaders and band members at Senior Night


Photo by Travis Newbery

Travis Newbery, Editor-in-Chief

Every year, Senior Night provides a fun farewell to seniors of the football team, cheer team and Eagle Regiment marching band. This year was no different, with the 2020 seniors being honored for their contributions to the programs. 

Senior Night began with each senior being presented with their families, some showing homemade banners with their senior’s accomplishments. Leaders of each program were met with heavy applause.

Some seniors were sad to say goodbye to their team families but ready to move on.

“The football team is definitely a brotherhood. Everyone always sticks by each other, but I know I have to move on to the next part of life,” linebacker Baar Machluf (#48) said. “I have to go to college, I have to grow up. It was great having fun here, with my brothers and all, but it comes to an end.” 

The band’s performance at the football game was the seniors’ last halftime show.

Seniors from the Eagle Regiment performed their annual tradition of “Guillotine.” In this adrenaline-fueled display, seniors perform rapid movements with instruments in their hands, seeing how long they can last before they leave the line as the beat slowly increases.

Band members perform the annual Guillotine exercise. Photo by Travis Newbery
Band members perform the annual Guillotine exercise. Photo by Travis Newbery

Certain underclassmen from each program weren’t quite ready to let their seniors go.

“I’m really upset because I just started becoming close with a few [seniors], and I’m going to miss them so much,” sophomore Alayna Diaz said, who is a member of the band. “They’re great people, and I hope they go on to do great things.”

Seniors felt underclassmen would soon understand how to lead their programs.

“It really hits you when you become an upperclassman- that’s when you have to lead the team, and you don’t have a choice, you don’t get time to get ready for it,” Machluf said.

Underclassmen felt ready for the responsibility of leadership.

“I think if we put our minds to it and work a lot harder, we can be just as good,” Diaz said.

Some seniors, like band member Gilon Kravatsky, will continue their current career in college and beyond. Others, like Machluf, will carefully consider their next move.

“I have considered playing football in college, but I don’t know yet what I’m going to do,” Machluf said, “but I’m very excited for what the future holds.”

Senior Night was the last regular season football game for the Eagles, but they are back on the field, Friday, Nov. 8 for their first playoff match at Cumber Stadium. The Eagle Regiment also has its next performance on Saturday, Nov. 2 at the 2019 Striking Cobra Invitational at Park Vista High School.