Key Club throws prom for residents at Aston Gardens


Key Club President Rachel Nattis beams at the camera with an Aston Gardens resident. Photo courtesy of the MSD Key Club Instagram

Ivy Lam, Senior Feature Editor

“At the event we had music, which was popular music from their time, apple cider in champagne glasses, cookies, roses and goodie bags that the members passed out to the residents!” Key Club President Rachel Nattis said.

Key Club International is a club at MSD focused on volunteering and helping the community. Each month, there are multiple opportunities for students to earn volunteer hours by serving the community.

This particular event lasted from 6-8 p.m. and offered Key Club members the opportunity to socialize with the residents of Aston Gardens. With the help of Key Club’s sponsor Laurie Edgar and the head of Key Club’s Aston Gardens committee, Lindsey Salomone, the idea of throwing a celebration for the residents ignited over a month-long period.

Students were required to dress in formal attire and arrive at Aston Garden by 6:00 p.m. At the dance, there were three musical acts selected to perform, these included Key Club secretary Johanna Tam on the piano, senior Milan Parody with a song performance and senior Jessica Gargaro on the bass clarinet. At the end of the night, the students gave all of the residents red roses and goodie bags with a note from Key Club and Hershey Kisses.

“They [residents of Aston Gardens] had a really good time and we [Key Club] just entertained them and served them food and let them use props in the photo booth,” Key Club’s Aston Gardens committee head Lindsey Salomone said. “It was amazing to see all of the residents having so much fun and having a good time, and being able to put a smile on their faces. It’s important to think of everyone when helping others because sometimes places like assisted living facilities can get overlooked.”

About 15 members of Key Club came out to celebrate alongside the residents. Aston Gardens is not only a one-time event location. In addition, Key Club provides members with the opportunity to participate in leading arts and crafts on Sunday and Bingo on weekdays for the residents.

“Playing for the residents at the Aston Gardens prom was an exciting experience and seeing the joy it brought to them reminds me why I continue to play,” Key Club secretary Johanna Tam said.

Residents not only were thrown a prom, they experienced a nice break from their usual routine.

“The event will remind the senior citizens that we care about them and that we love learning more about their past and who they are. They all had such big smiles on their faces when they were interacting with the members, it was adorable.” Nattis said.

Upcoming Key Club events include the SOS Children’s Village Walk on Saturday, Nov. 16 at Tradewinds Park on 3600 West Sample Road Coconut Creek, FL. SOS Children’s Village Walk is a walk to raise awareness and money to improve the lives of children living in foster care.