[Review] ‘Among Us’ is the new best thing


Among Us home page. You can choose between online and local. Tutorial on how to play and free play.

Trista Mungal, Writer

In the popular game “Among Us,” players can choose between local and online modes. Photo by Mackenzie Quinn

The game “Among Us,”  created back in 2018 by InnerSloth, has started to gain a lot of popularity since early September. This game can be played on any mobile device, including Androids, Apples and PCs. 

In “Among Us,” there are crewmates and imposters who are all on a ship in outer space. The crewmates complete their daily tasks, which consist of connecting wires in the electrical room to fixing the oxygen tanks. However, the imposter pretends to do tasks while their actual goal is to kill all the crewmates hence the name “imposter.” When a crewmate’s dead body is found, the body can be reported, calling for an emergency meeting where the players discuss who they think the imposter is and try to vote them out. During the emergency meetings, the players are able to communicate with everyone from the game except the dead players.

Among the spacecraft, there are several places where players can complete their daily tasks. There are 14 rooms in “The Skeld” map all connected by corridors. Theshows the cafeteria, weapons, o2, navigation, admin, shields, storage, electrical, lower engine, reactor, security, medbay, communications and upper engine

The imposter’s goal is to kill out all the other players without looking “sus.” This term is a popular way of saying that a player looks suspicious in the game. After a player is killed, they become a ghost and watch the game finish out while still completing their tasks. 

Once the imposter has killed everyone off they win. However, if the imposter gets voted out the crewmates win. The player with the most votes gets voted out in each emergency meeting. 

You can choose to play with one imposter, two imposters or even up to three imposters. Games with more imposters is more enjoyable because of the higher chance of being the imposter. These games also are shorter, so they are more challenging. 

When the game was first downloaded you will be chosen as an impostor or a crew mate. This game can be quite hard to learn if you don’t know what you are doing.

When it comes to the character there are various colors to choose from, including red, purple, orange, green, black, blue, yellow, teal, brown, pink, grey and light green. Two players are unable to have the same color though. Players can also choose from the different hat options and can purchase little “among us” pets. Each pet costs $2.99, to purchase you need to go to the customize computer and click on pets there are only ten choices to choose from.

When hosting a game you choose the number of players and imposters. For one imposter, you can have four to ten players; for two imposters, you can have seven to ten players; and for three imposters, you can choose nine to ten players. Games can be made public or private; for private games, a code is given to share with friends. 

This game brings out the competitive side of people. Most people want to win while being an imposter, while players just want to stay alive and complete their tasks.