MSD students visit Miami’s limited time Louis Vuitton fashion exhibition


The Louis Vuitton pop-up exhibition in Miami Design District. Photo by Dana Masri

Ryen Kowalczyk, Nicole Suarez, and Isabella Palomino

On Friday, Dec. 16, the Miami Design district welcomed the brand new pop-up exhibition showcasing Louis Vuitton’s past 2019 Men’s Winter Collection and upcoming 2021 Men’s Spring-Summer Collection. Many Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students have taken the trip to visit the exhibit primarily for the vibrant and whimsical art pieces displayed in the art basil.

The lead artistic creator and main designer for the brand, Virgil Abloah, based the showcase around his short animated film titled, “The Adventures of Zoooom,” which features three fictional animals, a duck, a dragon and a bird, as they travel around Paris as stowaways in shipping containers.

“I like the crates [in the exhibition] because it gave a graffiti vibe like an artist from Wynwood would paint,” senior Ysabelle Nunez said.

Not only were the characters of the movies gigantically blown up around the exhibition, but the crates the animals rode in were also brought to life in the showcase.

“The whole area consisted of different shipping crates which were each painted a different color. Each had a different clothing theme which were displayed inside,” senior Jason Menchaca said. “You could also walk into the actual boxes and take cool pictures with the art and clothing, which was my favorite part.”

As soon as you enter the design grounds, one is met with a Louis Vuitton official who requires each person to sanitize and ensures that everyone has proper masks on. As one approaches the actual fashion exhibition, you are required to wait in a line where social distancing takes place. In this line, guests are asked to scan a QR code where one is redirected to a form asking if they or someone they came in contact with has had COVID symptoms.

“The social distancing was pretty good, they made sure everyone had their masks on and when you entered the second part where the blow up is, you’d have to stay 6 feet apart in line,” Nunez said.

Various students, like Senior Mariana Ramos, consider their experience at the showcase as very exciting and amusing. Ramos went with her two friends and acknowledged that there were a lot of people, however the right safety measures were taken.

“Everyone who was there got to enjoy getting a little taste of the fashion industry while still being safe from COVID,” Ramos said. “My favorite part was to get to know new places and have access to see the new collection of clothing from this luxurious brand.”

The exhibits showcased were highlighted all over social media, as visitors posed in front of them, increasing the event’s popularity.

“I would definitely go back and recommend others to go because it is a very welcoming and fun environment to be in and a great place to be with friends and have an awesome experience,” Ramos said.

Overall, students from MSD flooded the exhibit and were pleased to find a fun and socially distanced activity close to home.