[Review] Crumbl weekly (10/11-10/16)


Theron Piccininni

New flavors released at Crumbl! Exciting new flavors just in time for the fall season. Along with the Aggie Blue Mint, Double Fudge Brownie, Funfetti, and Pumpkin Cake, the two consistent flavors Milk Chocolate Chip and Classic Sugar.

Malena Molina, Writer

Every week at Crumbl, you can choose from the four new weekly flavors along with their two consistent flavors: Chilled Sugar and Milk Chocolate Chip. This week’s menu included new flavors: Funfetti, Pumpkin Cake, Aggie Blue Mint and Double Fudge Brownie.

Served warm, the Double Fudge Brownie cookie was absolutely my favorite. This cookie was chewy on the inside and crunchy on the outside with chocolate ganache drizzled on top. The strong taste of mouth-watering chocolate overcomes your taste buds immediately after your teeth chomp into the cookie. This fudgy consistency significantly contributes to the cookie’s 10/10 rating from a fellow chocolate lover.

Funfetti, also a warm-served cookie, did not match my expectations. Based on the title of this cookie, I was expecting a resemblance to the funfetti cake mix flavor, which I did not receive. Although this vanilla sugar cookie is topped with sprinkles, it was mediocre in taste.

At first glance, this cookie could be recognized as a Funfetti cookie, however in the taste department, this cookie failed. The consistency was tough and almost had a cookie dough texture when you took a bite, seemingly not cooked all the way through, and was gooey. All in all, it was not a cookie I would eat again and I would therefore rate this a 5/10.

Pumpkin Cake is yet again another warm-served cookie just in time for the fall season. It is a pumpkin cake cookie with a cream cheese frosting and mini chocolate chips decorated on top that hits the spot perfectly. The spongy cake base filled with pumpkin spice was delicious as the cream cheese frosting melts in your mouth as you bite into the chocolate chips.

Pumpkin Cake is a wonderful cookie for the fall season. I would try this again despite pumpkin not being my favorite flavor; my rating would be a 9/10.

Aggie Blue Mint cookie is a cookie served cold. This cookie was like walking through a winter wonderland as the frosting resembled a cool peppermint. It was not my favorite because the mint flavor is very strong, yet the nostalgic feeling of Christmas was delightful. Overall, I would rate this cookie a 6/10. It was not one of the best, but not one of the worst.

My experience was pleasant, however, not the most amazing as the mass of the flavors did not appeal to my taste buds compared to prior Crumbl flavors. Crumbl definitely succeeded in the seasonal flavors department. If you enjoy fall and winter inspired cookies, I would definitely recommend trying the Pumpkin Cake and Aggie Blue Mint.

However, if you are a chocolate lover, like me, you better make your way to Crumbl and get the Double Fudge Brownie cookie. I am very eager to try Crumbl’s new flavors in the future and see if the next batch will live up to my wild expectations.