[Review] Phat Boy Sushi has a meal for everyone


Glory Lee

Phat Boy Sushi Kitchen offers a variety of delicious rolls, like the “Spider Roll” and the “Salmon Lover Roll.” These two popular rolls never fail to satisfy your cravings.

Lyla Sachs, Arts & Leisure editor

The beloved Japanese restaurant Phat Boy Sushi, known by multiple cities in South Florida was finally brought to The Walk in Coral Springs during the pandemic in August 2020. Additional locations include Fort Lauderdale and Deerfield Beach.

Phat Boy Sushi is a popular spot among the community, accompanied by several other stores in The Walk, including Barnes and Nobles, Trader Joes and Kilwins.

The restaurant provides a friendly space with smiling servers and bright natural lights that flow through the windows lining the walls. The medium-sized space is packed with high and low tables, booths and bar seating.

When seated and given a menu, the food options are endless. Ranging from sushi to ramen to rice bowls, the two sides of the menu have no issue accommodating anyone’s diet or health conditions. The small bar is packed with ingredients for non-alcoholic cocktails named mocktails, fitting for the underage who dine at the restaurant.

After contemplating the choices, I decided to order the Spider Roll, which consisted of soft-shelled crab tempura, avocado, masago and scallion.

The food will certainly leave your taste buds dancing, especially with the fast and efficient service. The texture and taste of the order was exactly as expected. The efficient waiters quickly refill your water and ask if all the food is to your liking.

The rolls are perfectly lined up with eel sauce drizzled delicately on top. The rolls had a hint of salt after dipped in the small trays filled with soy sauce. As I consumed the delicious food, I took notice of the people filling the tables.

Filled with no more than 20 people around noon, it was fairly empty. Therefore, I was able to sit among the sound of soft voices to fill the quiet space. The light of the windows gives the space a soft glow. Overall, the vibes at Phat Boy Sushi are definitely more quiet and chill, making it a nice hangout spot to chat with friends.