MSD JV baseball team prepares for their spring season with the addition of many new recruits


Carolina Ochoa Lozano

JV baseball coach Max Boling and the players gathered together on the first practice of the season.

Reece Gary, Senior Sports Editor

In 2021’s spring varsity baseball season, the Eagles worked their way to a national championship, proving MSD was one of the nation’s best high school baseball programs. With every new year, however, the program must say goodbye to their graduating seniors, while also bringing in many incoming freshmen on top of their returning players.

The MSD baseball program, nicknamed “Club Doug,” works year-round to hone their skills and build chemistry between the players, ultimately becoming one of the most talented and unified teams in Florida every year.

“We practice after school every day for at least two hours. We have all gotten to know each other very well and are getting comfortable with each other. We get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses,” centerfielder Bennett Gary said.

In the fall, the MSD team begins to take shape as it forms a general roster for an exhibition league, allowing the coaches and players to evaluate where the team stands. Working hard to establish their consistent team strength, the fall season builds the team’s foundation, especially with the incoming freshmen becoming situated into the program.

These newly recruited freshmen have become familiar with the Club Doug program, and vice versa. Surrounding themselves with coaches, older players and even MSD alumni, the new players have grown their interest and relations with the program from early on in their baseball career, as many entered related programs such as Parkland Pokers and Hof-Fitz Baseball.

With 10 returning sophomores, the team will likely be led by these players, especially since most will seek roles on the varsity team.

“The sophomores have stepped up and are looking to keep our success from last year going. We’ve all bonded well over the fall season and are now mentally preparing to be at our best for the spring,” pitcher Brayden McClusky said.

The other half of the JV Eagles, including 12 incoming players, look towards building the new team into the future varsity roster, especially since there are big shoes to fill. The two-time national champion varsity team, which earned one of those victories last year, seeks to repeat their success in the future, which will come from the dedication and hard work put in by their new recruits.

“I practiced every day leading up to the tryout,” third baseman Angel Berroa said. “I’m still going to continue to practice every day.”

The team looks forward to building team chemistry, which already has a solid foundation after the fall season. It is growing into one of the program’s most prosperous rosters. With a lot to prove as it is many players’ first official high school season, the team seeks to prove that the future of Club Doug is heading in the best direction possible.

The MSD JV baseball team will start their season at Archbishop McCarthy High School on Saturday, Feb. 19, at 10 a.m.