[Review] The second season of ‘Love is Blind’ is a must watch for reality television lovers


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Netflix original, Love is Blind season 2 released February 11th, 2022. It is available exclusively on Netflix.

Sophia Golberg, Section editor

The popular Netflix original series “Love is Blind” just released its second season on Feb. 11. The show’s first season premiered Feb. 13, 2020, and was an enormous success with Netflix finatics, appearing on Netflix’s top ten most popular show list immediately after being released.

The entire show revolves around an experiment that aims to answer the question: is love blind? The idea of this experiment is based on the fact that superficial factors often come into play in dating culture.

Dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Match attempt to introduce singles with profiles. These profiles only display pictures and make it difficult to show the unique personalities of each single.. This often results in people choosing to date who they find physically attractive rather than emotionally compatible.

The experiment attempts to combat this idea by preventing singles from seeing each other before developing an adequate emotional connection. More specifically, the singles on the show are not permitted to see their significant other until they are engaged.

The second season begins by introducing viewers to the singles of the season. It focuses on six main couples. The couples are placed into pods with just a thin wall between them.

The first two episodes focus on the connections that gradually start to form between the singles as their conversations progress. The plot thickens as some men begin forming strong connections with multiple women at once and vice versa.

Once the couples finalize their engagements, they are permitted to see each other in person. The meetings between the couples really bring viewers to the edge of their seat as there is a strong possibility that the couples’ physical connection is not nearly as strong as their emotional one.

The next few episodes follow the new couples to Mexico as they experience a beautiful vacation with their newfound significant others. The couples include Shaina Hurley with Kyle Abrams, Danielle Ruhl with Nick Thompson, Iyanna McNeely with Jarrette Jones, Mallory Zapata with Salvador Perez and Deepti Vempati with Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee. The couples face countless challenges with even one of the couples leaving Mexico separately.

This season is particularly unique because of the embarrassing and down right hard to watch moments constantly displayed on the screen. With one man proposing, getting rejected, and proceeding to propose to another woman.

Shaina Hurley had traditional parents that did not support the experiment or Shana’s fiance, Kyle. The pressure from her parents pushed her away from Kyle and the couple ended up breaking up.

The final few episodes showcase each of the couple’s planned weddings bachelor/bachelorette parties. These episodes were the most exciting because it is when the couples decide if the experiments worked for them.

Overall, this dramatic and addicting season is perfect for reality television lovers. It is definitely worth the watch.