[Review] Netflix Sequels the Original Chainsaw Massacre



Recently added to Netflix, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre “is a horror film about a group of friends who find a house where a chainsaw killer waits. Photo courtesy of Netflix

Malena Molina, Writer

The sounds of a chainsaw and the screams of unsuspecting victims begin to sound as Leatherface, the infamous chainsaw murderer, makes his return. The “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” movie was recently released on Netflix, a popular video streaming service. It is the direct sequel to the original 1974 “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” without regarding any reboots or sequels.

Two chefs in their 20’s, Melody and Dante, recently come across the ghost town of Harlow. They buy up the whole town in hopes of creating a safe haven for people who want a new start. The trip to Harlow is accompanied by Melody’s sister, Lila, and Dante’s partner, Ruth.

On arrival, the group begins to explore the town to prepare it for investors of the town, and the accompanying party that is interested in living there. Unfortunately, a Confederate flag was hanging over a supposedly abandoned orphanage, and in the process of getting this flag taken down, Melody and Dante discover that the orphanage is in fact not abandoned. An old lady had been living there and had not left.

What we come to find out is that the old lady had a son she took care of and upon his death, a mass murder spree began in which Leatherface, which we come to find out is the son she had been keeping from spree killing other innocent civillians, as refrenced in the original film.

Leatherface kills again. With no one coming as backup, the ghost town of Harlow becomes the scene of a massacre. Leatherface fixates on Melody, one of the chefs who has bought the town, who he believes is responsible for the murder of his mother, and as a result, his victims are collateral damage.

Meanwhile, Hardesty, the only survivor of one of Leatherface’s massacres, had been hunting him for 30-40 years only to end up nowhere, until now. As soon as Hardesty was informed of the murder spree, she jumps into action and travels to Harlow as Melody with her sisters.

Unfortunately, the only survivor becomes another of Leatherface’s victims. The ending scene shows what seems to be a happy ending, as Melody and her sister appear to have killed Leatherface. However, they roll down all the windows and ready themselves for the ride back home, Melody was pulled out of the car where she was beheaded by none other than the man of the hour himself.

The ending credits begin, showing Leatherface walking away from the town of Harlow to the abandoned house in the original film with his siblings.

If I had to describe this movie in one word, it would be gory. This movie is filled with violent scenes and blood, with accurate representations as it is Rated-R.

Cinematographer Ricardo Diaz and producer David Blue Garcia did an exceptional job with the camerawork and angles, which were mesmerizing to watch. One example of this is the swinging kitchen door scene, with a continuous shot of the kitchen door closing and opening, where Dante and Leatherface starred in a fight scene.

This film may not live up to the classic tale of Leatherface. However, considering its cinematography or acting, this film was superb on its own.