Senior Ryan Terpstra serves as a role model in and out of the bowling alley


Sam Silverman

Senior Ryan Terpstra lines up to roll a strike in the baker-style match. This was the determining strike in the game to get the win for MSD.

Sam Silverman, Writer

In 2019, freshman Ryan Terpstra saw a flier to join the bowling team and was immediately enticed to join a sport at Marjory Stoneman Douglas. He wanted to try out the bowling team and instantly got hooked into the sport as soon as he bought his first bowling ball. From then on, he worked to get better and better.

Terpstra’s father was a bowler as well, and Ryan looks up to him as a major role model. Terpstra’s main inspiration for starting to bowl was his father and the opportunities that the sport lays out for him after he graduates in June 2023.

“My dad has been playing for a while and supported me while I tried the sport out,” Terpstra said.

Now, in 2022, Ryan Terpstra is the only senior on the MSD bowling team and constantly works to improve his skills.

Since 2019, Tepstra has improved steadily year after year. This year, his senior season, he has become a leader of sorts, helping and advising the underclassmen on the team to stay energized and prepared.

“I feel like I play a big role on the team,” Terpstra said. “I like to be enthusiastic for my teammates.”

Terpstra’s average is 181, which is the best on the team. He is calm and collected at all times and is an undisturbed presence on the lanes if it is a stressful situation. He always tries to look out for his teammates if something goes wrong or not in their way.

“He’s a great leader, always there for me and the team, never falling on us and wants to pick it up and do better,” sophomore Vaisean Fairnot said.

Terpstra has led the bowling team to first place and they are currently ahead of Taravella High School by a slim margin.

On Tuesday, Oct. 4, Terpstra scored 158 and 180, successful scores that helped carry the team to victory over Coral Springs Charter by 138 pins.

The team used the tie in the previous week to Taravella to propel themselves to victory. The team’s determination as a collective made them look very impressive.

Even after adversity, the MSD team constantly shows exemplary amounts of respect, teamwork and cooperation with themselves as well as other teams.

“I’ve been here all four years and always do what I can to support the team,” Terpstra said.

Under Terpstra’s leadership, the bowling team looks very promising and set for the playoffs this year and hopefully for seasons to come as well.

Terpstra looks towards his future as well. He wants to attend the University of Central Florida or get scholarship opportunities from other schools for bowling.

Terpstra has no regrets for joining the team and is very happy with what bowling did for him during these last four years.