[Opinion] Trump wins presidency and America speaks up

[Opinion] Trump wins presidency and America speaks up

Amy Scarlata

Courtesy of Michael Vadon/TNS

With 279 electoral votes, Republican Donald J. Trump has been elected as the new President of the United States starting in 2017, surpassing Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, by just 51 electoral votes.

In Trumps subsequent victory speech, he announced that Clinton called him to congratulate his victory.

“I hope he will be a successful President,” Clinton said at a press conference on Wednesday, Nov. 9 in New York

The relationship between Trump and Clinton seems to be reconciled for the most part now that the dust has settled. Americans across the nation have exhibited mixed feelings regarding the success of Trump and the loss of Clinton in this year’s presidential election: some tears of joy, and others, tears of fear. Everyone of all backgrounds has been affected by this 2016 presidential election, which is said to be one of the most influential elections in American history.

Florida, being one of the most important voting states because of its long-held reputation as a swing state, came in with 49.1 percent of citizens voting for Trump and 47.8 percent for Clinton. Many Americans were captivated by the election results on Tuesday night. President Barak Obama had some things to say about Trump throughout this whole election. Obama, along with other Democrats, voiced their opinion about Trump, hoping to convey that he had a marginal chance to win. The results, determined mere hours later, proved them wrong.

College students, more than ever, were very involved in this election. This election was the highlight of 2016. Most people think that it was a good thing for students to have voted, but some think otherwise. Riots broke out almost immediately after Trump’s win. The city of Chicago piled up with people in the streets to protest Trump. Rumors are spreading about another riot in Miami starting on the afternoon of Nov. 9.

Professors of multiple universities around the country have cancelled exams and even sent supportive messages to students who feel uneasy about Trump’s presidency. Professors in Columbia University have even postponed mid-terms. Additionally, all public schools around the country were closed on Tuesday for teachers, staff, and students of age to vote.

The female population appears to be the most disappointed at the outcome of the election. Magazines like Cosmopolitan, People, and Vogue title their stories “How America Failed Women” and “17 Quotes From Powerful Women” and “Why We’re STILL with Her”. Feminists and pro-choice women were appalled by Trump’s victory and they make up most of the riots along with supportive men that supported Clinton.

During Donald Trump’s speech after the win, he seemed very relaxed and at ease. His eyes smiled as his hand waved over the proud crowd and he began to give a look that said “I told you so”. But just when the dust seemed to have settled, it is now stirring up again. Riots, opinionated news anchors and magazine writers along with all of social media cant keep quiet. Trump is President and America is roaring.