[Brief] Women’s basketball team defeats Northeast

Ryan LoFurno

On Dec. 6, the women’s basketball team took on the Northeast High School Hurricanes in the Douglas gym. They beat the Hurricanes 42-73 racking up their eight win in a currently undefeated season.

“No one was selfish on the court with the ball, and we all had our chances during the game,” sophomore Abby Hsu said.

According to Hsu, this game like the ones before, were tough, but overall teamwork gave them their 31-point victory. Center Kathleen Williams scored 22 points and captured 12 rebounds, showing an outstanding performance during the game.

“We won the game through teamwork and hard work,” Hsu said.

Most of their games before this ended in big victories and they don’t plan to give up this trend as they move onto the ladder of their season.