[Brief] Women’s basketball team defeats Coral Springs High

Ryan LoFurno

On Dec. 14, the women’s basketball team faced the Coral Springs High School Colts at Coral Springs. They beat them 57-38, accumulating their 15th win in an undefeated season.

“It was a tough game, but we had the better chemistry and teamwork,” sophomore Abby Hsu said.

The team racked up 35 points in the first half while holding the Colts to only 14. In the second half, they held onto their lead, scoring 22 points, but allowed Coral Springs to score 24 points. It wasn’t enough for the Colts to catch up and the team once again walked away with a win.

“The season has been great so far; we just need to make sure we keep up our winning trend for the rest of the season,” Hsu said.