Speech and debate program undergoes changes

Speech and debate program undergoes changes

Samantha Getz

MSD’s speech and debate team is ending one chapter, but beginning a new one. Following the departure of the team’s previous director, the program has only just begun to change. The new teacher, Jesus Caro, is excited for all the future progress to be made.

The first change came before the school year even started. The classroom was renovated with a new arrangement of desks and chairs, and even a couple new award displays. Medals and trophies are set up in different areas of the room to motivate the team to continue accomplishing more.

However, the biggest change of all in the room is the new banner. It was created by MSD’s art students.

“It has taken a few months for us to finish the whole thing, there was about five of us working on it,” sophomore Emily Hollander said.

The banner stretches across almost the whole top of one of the walls in the room. It reads, “Speech and Debate,” with theater masks, also known as the “muse of tragedy” in the middle. This artwork represents the beginning of a new chapter for speech and debate.

“The new painting looks really nice in the room, and I hope that it will motivate the students to have more pride in our amazing team, and give them the confidence they need to bring home more awards this year,” Caro said.

Only halfway through the season, they have already brought home multiple trophies and medals from both local and out-of-area tournaments. Events such as interpretation and public forum are improving rapidly.

“We have already progressed a lot as a team. I am proud to have this leadership position, especially this year,”  Speech and Debate President Spencer Frybergh said. “I know with this new outlook we can do so much.”