American Airlines Arena heats up

American Airlines Arena heats up

Jacob Brown


As I headed to the American Airlines Arena for a Miami Heat game, skyscrapers filled the sky and people danced on the side of the Intercontinental Hotel. Everything seemed to fit perfectly around this dome.

Parking was no issue at American Airlines Arena; cheap parking lots can be found surrounding the arena as long as you are willing to walk. American Airlines Arena also has closer parking for a higher price.

American Airlines Arena is the focal point of the Boulevard. The arena is elevated with a huge set of stairs leading up to it. Hanging above you as you walk up these stairs is a monstrous screen filled with information related to the Miami Heat basketball team, upcoming concerts and advertisements promoting the city of Miami.

Entering the arena for the Miami Heat vs Golden State Warriors game wasn’t as special as I had expected it to be. Instead, you enter on a low level that has the official store of the Miami Heat on it. The store carried apparel items related to the Miami Heat. I entered thinking that I would not buy anything, but the American Airlines Arena does a very good job at creating an atmosphere that gets you insanely excited for the game and urges you to wear some Miami gear in preparation.

I preceded to walk onto an elevator that would take me to my section. My section was 118, which was located just right of center court. The concrete walls and floor outside of the court give the arena a serious atmosphere.

After passing through an all black curtain, you get your first glimpse at the arena, which is extremely breathtaking for die-hard basketball fans such as myself.

I sat in row 11 and felt almost eye level with the players on the basketball court. American Airlines Arena does a great job at seating- even sitting in the 300 section is not bad, as you can still distinguish the players on the court.

The sound of a loud buzzer permeated the arena, which signaled that it was halftime. A large wave of people filled the hallways to buy food. American Airlines Arena offers a lot of options for food. From your basic stadium foods like hot dogs, burgers and pretzels, to restaurants like Papa John’s, which is where I chose to eat. The Papa John’s was not full service, meaning it does lose some menu options. I settled with a couple slices of pizza and a Miami Heat collector cup.

I realized that it was all about the atmosphere that the arena created. From great in-game moments like the game winner that sealed the game, to the first time seeing the arena, my visit to the Americans Airlines Arena was overall a great experience. The employees are fantastic people to talk to, some of which will even tell stories about the Heat’s brightest moments. The best part of the whole experience is that you feel like you are apart of a Miami Heat family for an hour and half.

I would recommend to anyone that they should go to watch a Miami Heat game. Tickets are reasonably priced and concessions are reasonable as well. The arena gives you a lot of different options to choose from, depending on your price range. The employee’s, experience, ease of parking and view will provide you with a memorable night.