MSD ice hockey loses to Miami Dade

Tyler Avron

On Feb. 8, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s ice hockey team lost to the Miami Dade Alliance with a score of 5-1 at the Panthers Ice Den in Coral Springs.

It was a heavily anticipated district championship game for the team, as they wanted their first district championship ever. Miami Dade opened the scoring and soon after junior forward Tommy Frank put the Eagles back in the game.

Two more goals from Miami Dade led to a 3-1 game favoring the Alliance going into the third period. Searching for a resurgence goal, the Eagles pushed but could not get any momentum due to multiple penalties.

Power plays and poor judgement in the defensive zone led to two more goals from Miami Dade. Since it was the first game of a three-game series with Miami Dade for the District championship, MSD lost the offensive lead they had hoped for going into the second game..

“It was a tough brawl, and we came up short. Come Monday we will be ready for round 2,” senior forward Joey Zenobi (5) said.

The Eagles do not play again until Monday, Feb. 12, potentially the last game before States in the Germain Arena in Germain, Florida.