MSD women’s lacrosse team plays Pine Crest School

Julia Noye

On March 6, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School women’s lacrosse team competed in the second game of the season. The game was held at Pine Crest School at 5 p.m.

The weather was cool and was accompanied by a chilly breeze. The team mentioned how the weather was the perfect lacrosse game weather. There was also a sunset during the middle of the game.

“The weather was awesome, and there was a little chill,” midfield Lauren Figas (22) said. “The sunset had so many colors also.”

Pine Crest took the win with a score of 15-5. Although Pine Crest had won the game, they were very supportive of the MSD players.

“The game went okay. Our team was a little nervous,” Figas said.

The team worked well together and had support from their teammates, coaches and parents. Although they worked as hard as they could, the game ended in an unfortunate defeat.

“We made a couple of mistakes here and there, but we tried our best to stop them,” Figas said. “We tried as hard as we could, but they were just faster.”

During the game and after the game, Pine Crest showed a large amount of support toward the team and MSD as a whole by providing flowers, letters and food.

“They gave us all flowers, a letter and a shirt,” Figas said. “Then after the game they ordered pizza for both teams to have.”

Due to the lacrosse season beginning after the recent tragedy on Feb. 14, support was evident throughout the game.

“People are a lot nicer, so welcoming and are very supportive,” attacker Gwyneth Bishara (63) said.

Even though MSD was unsuccessful in securing a win, the team bonded after the game and became much closer.

“We definitely all got closer after this game and [the] horrific event,” Bishara said.

The next game will be held on March 7 at American Heritage School in Plantation at 7 p.m.