Review: Echosmith Release Mesmerizing Single “Over My Head”


Echosmith’s new album, “Inside a Dream,” will be released in the summer of 2018. Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Records.

Nyan Clarke

Echosmith’s new album, “Inside a Dream,” will be released in the summer of 2018. Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Records.

The southern California-based trio “Echosmith” returned with their new song “Over My Head” on March 16. The lead single of their unreleased sophomore album ,”Inside a Dream,” is an easygoing, dreamy pop song that tells the story of a person’s frustration with their significant other complicating everything, from relationship issues to miniscule problems.

Currently made up of siblings Sydney, Graham and Noah Sierota, the band formed in 2009 in their hometown of Chino, California. Originally a quartet, the siblings gained national fame with the breakout single, “Cool Kids,” off of their 2013 debut album, “Talking Dreams.” After the band’s eldest sibling Jamie left the group on Nov. 14, 2016 to focus on his wife and newborn child, he left the remaining three members to pick up the pieces.

“We had to come to grips with the fact that Jamie left the band, so we had to find ourselves as a trio instead of a quartet,” Noah Sierota said in a statement released by their management. “The process helped us recognize what we really wanted to do musically.”

Their album was originally scheduled to release on Sept. 29, 2017, but was pushed back as the band wanted to include more songs in the album. Instead, the band opted to release their previous EP of the same name.

“Over My Head” is a downtempo pop tune. The instrumental is backed by old-school synths and drums, a vastly different sound from their previous releases. The repetition of the song title makes for a catchy chorus, the melody of the song making for a comprehensive instrumental to the single. Sydney’s vocals lend itself nicely to the song, with the backing vocals done by her two brothers. Overall, it’s a solid song and a good preview of their soon-to-be released album.

The band also released a music video for the single on March 20 via their YouTube channel. While the video can be perplexing at first watch, it is littered with symbolism related to the theme of the song.

Displaying singer Sydney Sierota’s relationship with her boyfriend, the video uses an analogy to relate itself to the song’s theme. Throughout the music video, simple tasks such as cooking and playing with a ball become extremely complicated as the video continues. This is a metaphor for the relationship described in the song, in which the singer’s partner uses his intellect to belittle the singer, causing Sydney to sing “it’s always over my head” in the song’s pre-chorus.

The aesthetic of the music video lends itself well to the mood of the song. The band wore all black turtlenecks for most of the video, with Sydney switching to a pink lace dress with a silver belt in one scene. With the song being downtempo, the music video’s colors match that very accurately. The cloudy filter does enough to reflect that alternative feel without making the song seem gloomy and dark.

Echosmith is currently traveling the U.S. for their “Inside A Dream” tour, with the goal of promoting their unreleased album arriving the summer of 2018.