[Brief] Women’s varsity volleyball team falls to West Broward High School

Mallory Muller

The women’s varsity volleyball team faced a difficult defeat at their final game on Oct. 4 against to the West Broward High School Bobcats.

“We’ve lost to them before so maybe it was because we had that preconceived notion that we were going to lose again. I think we were in the wrong headspace,” libero Julie Piedra (6).

The team lost 2-3. In the first set the Eagles won 25-20.

“It was a super close call,” Piedra said.

The second set was narrowly won by the Bobcats with a score of 22-25. However,  the third set ended with another win for the Eagles, 25-19.

“At that point I thought we had a chance at winning,” Piedra said.

In the end, the fourth and fifth set were detrimental to the Eagles, losing 19-25 and 9-15, handing West Broward the win.

This was their final game of the season, leaving them with an overall win-loss record of 10-5.