[Brief] Men’s varsity water polo team crushes Deerfield Beach High School

Nadia Murillo, Social Media Editor

On Thursday, March 14 at 7:30 p.m., the men’s varsity water polo team defeated Coral Glades High School for an away game at Deerfield Beach High School. The game ended with a whopping score of 31-2.

Sophomore Allan Shihman (10) lead the team with 11 goals, his new career high, senior Trevor Berkson (8) scored eight goals, co-captain William Berk (18) made six goals, senior Jared Fabrikant (13) and co-captain Vinny Valdez scored two goals each. Lastly, seniors Cameron Blanchard (15) and Patrick Klajner (19) scored one goal each. Goalie Chris Stepp blocked 10 goals.

“The game was very fun overall, we went into that game with a lot of energy and were happy with what we got out of it,” Shihman said. “We got the chance to get everyone a goal and had time to set up, pass around, and play.”

The Eagles’ next game will be on Thursday, March 21 against Cypress Bay High School at 5:30 p.m.