[Brief] Women’s varsity lacrosse team falls to Pine Crest School

Julia Noye

On Tuesday April 2, the women’s varsity lacrosse team played against Pine Crest School. The game was at MSD and was scheduled to start to at 6 p.m., but ended up starting closer to 7 p.m.

Pine Crest won the game with a score of 15 -12. There was a little rain during warm ups but then it blew over for game time.

“I felt that we were going to be able to hold them,” midfielder Lauren Figas (12). “We were tied at the beginning of the second half and I felt that we played well and were super close. We worked together the best we could.”

The game was supposed to start at 6 p.m., but the referees were coming from another game so they were late and it started closer to 7 p.m.

Their next game is April 3 against Coral Springs Charter School.