Men’s varsity golf team wins against St. Thomas High School

Sophia Squiccirini, Sports editor

Sophomore Andres Barraza hits the ball sending it far down the last hole at the MSD golf match on Sept. 18. Photo by Sophia Squiccirini

On Sept. 18, the MSD Mens Varsity Golf team won against St. Thomas High School. The match took place on their home course for the first time at the Coral Springs Country Club. 

This is the fourth consecutive win, making the team unstoppable. The course was filled with determination for the win from both teams, but Douglas came out on top. The score was 152 for Douglas and 176 for St. Thomas. 

The upcoming Orlando tournament is really pushing the team to get out amazing swings and fantastic wins. 

The team works very hard outside of practice to make sure they perfect their swings as well as technique. Sophomore, Andres Barraza hit the least strokes out of the team, leaving him with a total of 35 strokes. 

“First time playing on our home course, it feels good to get that win.” Barraza said. “The team is putting a lot of hard work in. We’ve been working on our putting and chipping, and it’s really coming around. I’m really excited for the rest of the season and the Orlando tournament coming up.”

Both teams warmed up first with hitting before they played the nine holes, The two teams were put into separate groups, leaving one group for each hole. The groups were also split with two players from the Douglas team and one player from the St. Thomas team. 

Assistant Douglas coach Ernest Rosperski followed each group providing them with water, and critiques that helped each individual improve throughout the match. 

“My job as a coach is to make sure my kids are in the right headspace. The easiest way to do that is to just talk to them, and make sure they are getting themselves mentally and physically ready,” Rospierski said. “The physically ready bit is for coaches to all be nice and provide water, Gatorade, and a snack if necessary.”

The next match will be a tournament held on Sept. 23, against forty schools at the invitational tournament in Sebring.