Parkland residents are ordered to ‘Shelter in Place’



Florida Governor Ron DeSantis address the public during a press conference at the Pembroke Pines coronavirus testing site. Photo courtesy of David Santiago of the Miami Herald

Delaney Walker, Social media editor

On Thursday, March 26, beginning at 12:01 a.m., Parkland residents were ordered to “Shelter in Place.” This action was in efforts to stop the spread of the Coronavirus and keep all residents safe and healthy.

There were many guidelines previously in place, such as maintaining a social distance of six feet apart from people other than immediate family members and to limit social gatherings unless they consisted of ten people or less. With these guidelines, residents are still able to order takeout and delivery, go to the grocery store or take part in outdoor activities, such as walking or riding a bike.  

“The new shelter in place rule has affected my routine by allowing me to wake up later, get more sleep and I can eat lunch and dinner at normal times with my family,” sophomore Hayli Siegal said.  

Along with these limitations, many places have shut down including schools, parks and non-essential businesses, such as Marshalls. Many stores have implemented curbside pickup or limited the amount of people in their building to help stop the spread of COVID-19. All schools are beginning online instructions on Monday, March 30, due to their closures. 

“This rule did change my plans because I was going to be in Orlando, but since we can’t leave it has therefore been cancelled,” sophomore Asha Advani said.

According to various leaders and sources, residents are able to travel to their essential businesses and any emergency related needs. Along with this, residents are also able to travel to support these businesses, personal activities and other limited locations.  

All residents are urged to take COVID-19 seriously and follow regulations with precaution. As of today, all of Broward County is put under a “Shelter in Place” order, until May 1st, in efforts to stop the spread of the pandemic.