MSD students are eager to make plans after quarantine


While in quarantine, students have begun to miss aspects of their normal routine, such as sports.

Noa Livni, Feature Editor

While in quarantine, students have begun to miss aspects of their normal routine, such as sports. Photo by Travis Newbery

While in quarantine, students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have been unable to participate in their usual activities, whether it be hanging out with friends or going out to restaurants. Many students are eager to return to their daily routine as they begin to appreciate and miss the things they had previously taken for granted.

Students are realizing just how much attending physical school impacted their lives. Being able to interact with different people throughout the day is something they can no longer do during this time.

“I didn’t realize how the people I interacted with at school played such a huge role in my life,” junior Gabriela Montes said. “Seeing everyone on a screen is immensely different and I miss everyone.”

Montes struggles with only being able to see her close friends via technology, with no physical contact whatsoever. Not being able to hug others, or simply be near them, is something that she misses tremendously and cannot wait to do in the future.

Another absent aspect of students’ lives is exercising and playing sports outside of their homes. Unable to go to the gym, students have had to make substitutions by running around the neighborhood or working out at home.

“I used to go to the gym and volleyball practice multiple times in the week and I took for granted how often I was able to leave my house, see other people and do what I liked doing,” junior Ciana Steller said.

Since the majority of students at MSD have been living with their families, there has been a limited amount of privacy and time for self care. Many believe that this has brought to light the true importance of having time to oneself.

“I’ve learned to appreciate the time I used to have to myself. Being with my family at all times can get overwhelming,” Montes said. “We all love being around each other, but I miss having time alone with my thoughts every once in a while.”

Since most students are not seeing their friends on a daily basis, a common goal is to meet up once quarantine is over. Some students are ready to go back to school next year, excited to get back into the swing of their normal routine.

“After quarantine is completed, I cannot wait to go back to school for my senior year and get crowned a senior,” junior Cameron Appel said.

The simple feeling of being able to go out and spend time with others outside of immediate family is something that has been taken away from many students in the past few months. Many are eager to go out with friends once it is safe to do so.

“Once this is all over, I’m going out to as many places as I can,” junior Kayla Sibble said. “I’m going to go out to eat, go shopping and just be with my friends.”

As the months go by, students are excited for quarantine to be over and eager to return to a sense of normalcy.