Alysa DeWerff tries to find her art style though the use of media


Here is DeWerff’s personal favorite art piece, inspired by the song “unsaid” by RUEL. Photo courtesy of Alysa DeWerff

Chai-Lyn Christian, Writer

Alysa DeWerff, a sophomore at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, has always considered art to be a large part of her life. DeWerff enjoys nothing more than creating.

With a more free approach to art, DeWerff believes she has been able to explore her abilities much deeper, which has allowed her to enjoy communicating without saying a single word. For DeWerff, art is a form of expression. 

DeWerff started to venture into the art world when she was eight years old. She remembers trying to draw things around her household, such as the stuffed animals in her bedroom. These drawings later turned into doodles on homework assignments.

Although DeWerff enjoyed doodling on her homework, doing schoolwork for an art class was not enjoyable for her. She took one art class in sixth grade but decided that the art curriculum was not for her. Since a class comes with grades and deadlines, she felt that the pressure would not be beneficial for her abilities in the long run. 

DeWerff has not fully identified her artistic style as of yet, but she enjoys drawing features of the body in a non-photorealistic manner. She enjoys being able to create without any limits.

“I mostly focus on drawing eyes and faces,” DeWerff said. “But here and there, I’ll do something different.” 

DeWerff enjoys the realism that faces have. However, one day she hopes to expand into something more, such as graphic design.

DeWerff continues to learn about her personal art style more and more every day and does not utilize any specific art techniques. Instead, she draws things that she believes are interesting enough to be put on paper. 

Inspiration for DeWerff’s art comes in many forms, with media such as songs or shows as her main source. One of her favorite art pieces about not having a voice was inspired by the song “unsaid” by RUEL. She drew her art from the perspective of the person the musician was talking to. In addition, Bob Ross’s videos help her relax and give her useful tips.

However, sometimes inspiration comes from within. The emotions that DeWerff feels play a big part in what is being drawn in her sketchbooks. Art is her outlet.

“Art can be used as a therapy in a way. Sometimes we don’t have the right words or feel comfortable to express how we’re feeling,” DeWerff said. “Art, at least for me, gives me a way to put my thoughts or feelings on a paper [without the] need to explain it.”

Art has guided DeWerff through life by helping her find inspiration within herself and the world. She hopes to learn more about herself as an artist and to continue creating pieces that make her happy.