Sophomore Esther Bang balances oboe and bass drum in the Eagle Regiment band


Photo courtesy of Scott Rush

This October, sophomore Esther Bang was chosen as the featured musician of the month. She plays the oboe and bass drum in the Eagle Regiment band at MSD.

Alison LaTorre, Associate Editor-in-Chief

Band is a program that sophomore Esther Bang has been an avid member of for five years. When transferring to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after middle school, she had no hesitation about joining the Eagle Regiment band. She is an oboe player in the Wind Symphony and plays bass drum in the marching band.

This year, Bang is balancing the trouble of participating in band, along with two sports: cross country and track. Not only do her commitments to sports and band have to be balanced, but she has to dedicate a lot of her time to her academics.

Bang takes advanced placement classes like AP Modern World History, and Honors classes, like pre-calculus . She has a lot of extra school work on top of her already busy schedule.

“Honestly, some days it can really be difficult to stay on top of my work, but with the right attitude and mindset it definitely can be done,” Bang said.

Staying positive and having the right mindset is the way that she, and many others who participate in extracurriculars at school, ensure everything is done to the best of their ability.

“Balancing band and sports can be hard because of the overlapping of schedules, as well as school being the top priority,” Bang said. “So, it can be a challenge but the outcome is worth it.”

Since the band has rehearsals that vary from two to four times a week, it is hard to make sure schedules don’t overlap since practices for track and cross country are normally changed or made last-minute.

Although band is a huge commitment, it is something that Bang enjoys doing. In her opinion, it provides a safe, welcoming place to work together with friends towards the same goal.

“Band has given me many opportunities to improve as an individual in my musicality, as well as, understanding the true meaning of what leadership looks like,” Bang said.

Participating in band can help students acquire more scholarships, leadership skills, friends and many more useful skills for today’s world. Because of the large-family-feel of band at MSD, Bang has met several of her friends while in the program. MSD musicians continue to connect to one another, while working towards placing first at competitions.

Bang has fun doing all of her music programs, describing them as her “free time.” When students are doing something they love with the people they like, time can fly by and bring a lot of success for the team or program.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bang and her fellow band members have missed out on numerous competitions and opportunities, but they are making the best out of their situation. Moreover, they continue strengthening their bonds with one another.

Bang plans to continue band throughout her high school career here, and possibly into her future career.