Seniors have a wide variety for careers to choose from

Senior Tyler White wants to major in sports medicine in college.

Erika Ryan, Writer

Hearing their name being called from the stage, the feeling of exhilaration sweeps all over the student’s body. Walking up the steps to the stage and nervously grabbing the high school diploma. Having the face of satisfaction, the student continues to walk off the stage to be seated again; they finally graduated, but what’s next?

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School seniors face the responsibility of determining what careers they will pursue after high school. Some students plan on attending college, starting internships, already having a job or will pursue their careers as soon as they graduate high school. While it may be a difficult decision for many, some students already have an idea of what path they want to take.

Senior Trinity Pelaez is one of the many students who knows what she wants her career path to be. Pelaez hopes to continue her education to become a psychologist due to her drive to help others battle with mental health.

“I would love to help people in any way I can because mental health is a constant cripple to our society,” Pelaez said. “Reinforcing positive habits and being someone that people can talk to, honestly could really make someone feel better.”

Senior Tyler White envisions himself to be a doctor for his future career. White got his love for sports medicine from personal experiences of having injuries and surgery, tearing his ACL and breaking his wrist.

“After my two injuries it made me want to help others like how I was helped,” White said. “It’s always nice knowing someone is going to be there for you but also take care of you, that’s what a doctor is, they take care of people.”

Senior Giselle Hansen is looking forward to continuing her next four years by learning more about business and finance. Hansen believes that this will open more opportunities for her since this provides a variety of career opportunities.

“I have always involved myself in business and finance and believed it would open many career doors for me, ” Hansen said. “Some of the careers I’ve been looking into for business or finance is being a marketing manager or an accountant manager.”

Senior Nicolas Negreira is planning to continue his love for technology and plans on turning it into a career. Negreira is looking for a career that could involve computer science and design, believing that technology is truly the future.

“Technology advances fast, and it has become such a large part of life, so I would like to be a part of that,” Negreira said.

Negreira is excited to take on a more significant role in the technological world, believing that he will be able to find himself more with a career he enjoys.

Senior David Prengler is looking forward to engaging in musical theatre after high school to continue his passion for theatre. Prengler wishes to achieve a Bachelor of Fine Arts in musical theatre, as he is in the MSD Drama program his whole high school career.

“I’ve been doing theatre for a long time, and it’s become a passion for me,” Prengler said. “I wish to continue my love and passion for theatre as a career.”

The seniors at MSD are looking forward to what lies ahead after graduation. Many have hope and feel confident they are going on the right career path as maturing adults.