[Review] How the cookie Crumbl’s (week 12/6-12/11)


Theron Piccininni

Hungry for Holidays. Crumbl Cookies releases its new weekly flavors consisting of Gingerbread Cake, Mom’s Recipe, Sugar Ft. Mother’s Reindeer Games, and Chocolate Ft. York.

Nicholas Zanetti, Writer

This week Crumbl cookies released their holiday flavors. In addition to Crumbl cookies’ standard options of Milk Chocolate Chip and Classic Sugar, there are four new cookies on the menu. This week’s new flavors are the Sugar ft. Mother’s Reindeer Games, Eggnog, Gingerbread Cake and Chocolate ft. York peppermint pattie.

The Sugar ft. Mother’s Reindeer Games was a warm softly baked sugar cookie with sprinkles inside. The cookie was nice and filling but a little too sugary. Therefore, I recommend it in small quantities. I could only take a few bites before feeling slightly sick due to the overly sweet taste. Overall I would give the cookie a 7/10 rating due to its special flavor that failed to overpower some of the more delicious cookies.

On the other hand, the Eggnog cookie was one of my favorite cookies. In my opinion, eggnog is a tasty holiday treat, so I was more than willing to dive right into this cookie. My expectations were high and thankfully met. The cookie itself had a doughy flavor that was extremely sugary, but the frosting was the best part, as it dominated the eggnog flavor. All in all, I would give the Eggnog cookie a 9/10 rating.

The Gingerbread cake cookie came in tie for best along with the Eggnog cookie. The cookie had a brown base with small chunks of cinnamon and a dormant flavor of spice. The cookie had a great texture and was overall amazing. I would rate this cookie a 9/10.

The Chocolate ft. York peppermint pattie was easily my least favorite of the cookies. The taste was bland with a gross combination of mint and brownie flavors. People that enjoy these two flavors mixed might like the York peppermint patty slightly more. I really love the unique texture of most Crumbl cookies, but this cookie in particular has a very middle of the road consistency. I would not recommend this cookie since there are multiple better options on the menu. Due to its average flavor the cookie deserves a rating of a 5/10.

Last but certainly not least was the Mom’s Recipe. This was an overall solid chocolate chip cookie with a really good texture. The main flaw in the cookie was the lack of unique flavor, but it was still pretty tasty. This is a perfect choice for someone who just wants a classic, basic flavor, which is why I would rate this cookie a 7/10.

Overall, this is a decent Crumbl cookie week. The two best cookies are easily the Eggnog and Gingerbread cookies. I would score this week overall a 7/10 because of the lack of consistency between all the cookies. We can’t wait to see what Crumbl releases next week!