Halloween offers the opportunity to dress up in trendy costumes

Popular characters and celebrities make great and easily recognizable costumes.

Jessica Gorlach, Writer

Halloween is quickly approaching with just under two weeks left before the popular holiday arrives. While some have already bought their costume, there is still plenty of time to pick out an outfit before it is too late. It can be overwhelming to come up with a costume, however there are a wide range of options to choose from and many places to purchase everything you need.

One popular costume idea is a throwback to Britney Spears. In her famous 1999 music video“Baby One More Time,” she wore what has now become an iconic outfit. Spears wore a tied up white collared shirt, a cropped gray sweater and a short black skirt with her hair in pigtails which was supposed to represent a school girl. Luckily there is nothing extreme or out of the ordinary about this costume, so you may have something like this in your closet already. However if you can not find anything at home,they sell this costume on Amazon or Dolls Kill.

The new Elvis Presley movie, which came out in May, 2022 brought the spotlight on him again. He is predicted to be a popular costume for Halloween this year. With Elvis being a timeless music icon known as the “The King of Rock n’ Roll,” people of all ages will recognize him. Presley wore lots of colorful, sparkly suits with the notable slicked back hair. You can even accessorize this outfit by holding a microphone or a guitar to really embody Elvis.

Another common costume idea is to dress up as someone from a television show or a movie. With the release of Season four of “Stranger Things” in June, 2022 there was an addition of a new character, Eddie Munson. Fans of the show grew a deep love for the character. Throughout the show he wore a leather jacket, a “Hellfire” t-shirt, and black jeans with his crazy rock and roll hair. This outfit grew in popularity and is notable to viewers and even people who have seen trailers of the show. With the intense popularity of this series, you will find this character’s costume in many stores such as Hot Topic and Party City.

Harley Quinn has been a character that many people have dressed up as in the past year. The character has appeared in the movies “Suicide Squad,” “Birds Of Prey” and “Suicide Squad 2.” Luckily, there are many of her outfits to choose from, all being notable and iconic. If you want to dress up as something more recent, the newest movie she appeared in “The Suicide Squad 2.” She is seen wearing a red and black leather catsuit, which is something to definitely consider for those that are fans of DC. This represents the classic Harley Quinn portrayed in the comics. All of Harley Quinn’s outfits from each of the movies can be found at Party City or on Amazon.

Halloween is a day where you can dress as anyone you want to be. Today’s pop culture consists of lots of exciting characters and celebrities to dress up as, this list comprises some of our top picks that we think you would look the best in.