MSD launches MIT Launch club

Tara Gaines

*This story was originally published in the December 2016 issue of the Eagle Eye*

The Launch Club, sponsored by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), aims to provide materials and support high school launch clubs and help foster entrepreneurial skills and mindsets for members. The club then uses those materials to help create startups that follow MIT’s standards.

The club strives to allow students to create businesses that satisfy a real life need in a new way. Students receive guidance so that they can properly pursue their interests in business and achieve success.

“I joined the club because I believe that it is important to learn skills such as handling finance, working together and accomplishing hard work,” Financial Lead Simon Hoo said. “I am the Financial Lead of the club. I keep track of club funds and also do general work to better the club, such as keeping all the students informed and making sure that everyone does all of their work.”

The club generally meets once a week on Wednesdays in room 1231 right after school ends.

However, it may change due to conflicting schedules.

Club members arrive at meetings determined to follow through with their ideas and create companies of their own.

“I enjoy the club meetings and think it is a great opportunity. I was inspired by a good school who had the club, and I wanted to bring the idea to Douglas. I am always determined to accomplish my ideas,” President Zachary Huang said.

The latest project that the club created was the elevator pitch, a short video sent to MIT that contained the first ideas for creating the start-ups. Members of the club feel confident about their project and its future applications.

“I am excited to present our elevator pitch, since the future business idea relates to sound, I think our project is a perfect idea and a great start,” Hoo said.

The launch provides forums and conferences to members. They also offer a final mentorship and pitch event that is held at MIT for teams that become finalists.