Hurricane Irma affected school sports teams

Mackenzie Quinn, Editor-in-Chief

Between the dates of Sept. 7 and Sept. 17, Marjory Stoneman Douglas was closed due to Hurricane Irma. Because of this, many school sporting events were cancelled or postponed, greatly affecting the schedules of many school teams.

The girls’ golf team was one of many MSD sports teams impacted by Irma. During the seven cancelled school days, the team missed two scheduled matches.

“Multiple courses are still closed which has caused us to have to reschedule matches, and our practices during the week we were off had to be changed as well,” Coach Devin Schaller said.

These courses are starting to get repairs and will likely reopen soon.

The homecoming game was also postponed, which significantly altered the varsity football team’s schedule. The game was originally supposed to be on Sept. 8, but like the rest of the homecoming festivities, it was changed to the weekend of Nov. 3 due to the storm.

Subsequently, the cheerleaders who perform at football games have schedule changes as well.

“We were not affected too much,” cheerleading Coach Justin Mellinger said. “We were just unable to perform at the Homecoming pep rally.”

Because of the days off, the squad also missed some practice time. These practices were to be used for learning new routines and stunts.

As our city recovers from Hurricane Irma, the sports teams at MSD are still dealing with the issues that have arisen because of it.