MSD dance marathon Shines Light on Senior Angelique Meneses

Leni Steinhardt

Courtesy of Angelique Meneses

Since she was 3 years old, dancing was a passion for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School senior Angelique Meneses. With her equal enthusiasm for spirit and helping others, she took the opportunity to apply to be the MSD dance marathon morale chair. Morale chair is one of the executive roles for the dance marathon event which will take place on Feb. 24 in an effort to raise money and awareness for “miracle children.”

Dance Marathon benefits the Children’s Miracle Network, which provides children and their families with the funds necessary to pay for their surgery and medical treatments. This year, MSD will be donating all the proceeds from the dance marathon to the Nicklaus Children Hospital.

Meneses wanted a way to get involved and to help others in the community. Although she is no longer taking dance lessons due to her  commitment to school work, she claims that her passion for dance is always in her heart.

“Personally, I grew up as a dancer and have always loved it, and I have also loved working with children,” Meneses said. “I know dance marathon was the perfect task for me to take on because it combines my passions and allows for children to be benefiting.”

Meneses first heard of dance marathon from the advisor, Brittany Sinitch, who is a ninth grade English teacher and has been involved in dance marathons previously in college. Sinitch felt a need for it it be incorporated at the highschool level.

“Last year I spoke with her, and she got in contact with the network and organized everything. I am so lucky for her. We are staying positive and hoping everything works out as planned this year,” Meneses said.

Dance marathon is an event for the school as a whole to raise money for miracle children. Each individual signs up under a club which has set fundraising goals to reach. On the day of the event there will be food, games and dancing for hours that miracle children will also be participating in.

Not only is Meneses looking forward to the event, but she is also looking forward to meeting and interacting with all of the miracle children that will be attending the dance marathon.

“I cannot wait until the end of the event when the number signs are held up showing how much money we gave raised in total as a school,” Meneses said. “I’m already getting goosebumps just thinking about that moment.”

Meneses encourages everyone to try to take part in this event. She feels that dance marathon is only possible with the help of others as raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network means saving the lives of sick children.

“Dance Marathon starts with you; you are the reason for a child to be able to have their first day of school, their first soccer game and many more life experiences,” Meneses said. “I highly encourage everybody at school to participate in dance marathon no matter what grade you are in.”

In order to get involved in dance marathon, Meneses suggests checking through clubs that are currently signed up with a fundraising page. If a student cannot find a club, then it is encouraged to set up his or her own personal fundraising page through the designated grade level class board page. She also advised that if anyone has any questions regarding where or how to sign up, students should ask her or Sinitch in room 1218, or any of the executive board members.