Review: Ella Cafe is the best place for a cafe getaway


Hazelnut-ella Latte available at Ella Cafe. Photo courtesy of Nadia Murillo.

Nadia Murillo, Social Media Editor

Whether it’s studying, hanging out, or just simply enjoying a cup of coffee, cafes are the place to be. Many new cafes have opened up in South Florida after their recent popular trends, attracting people of all ages. Ella Cafe is one of them.

Each cafe has their own unique features; this is evident at Ella Cafe, a coffee cafe in Plantation, Fla. The owner, Jason Gol, first opened up his cafe in January of 2016. Not only has he opened one Ella Cafe, he has opened two; another in Hollywood, Fla.

I live out in the Acres in Plantation, and after traveling to Italy for so many years, I wanted to be in a place that makes coffee the way I like coffee, like a real Italian dark roast,” Gol said to the Broward Palm Beach Times in November of 2016.

At first glance, the exterior of the cafe is quite bland to the eye. However when walking in, the cafe has a pleasing aesthetic and soothing music. Some of the colors that were eye-catching were brown, green and other very artisanal colors. The smell of freshly grinded coffee beans circulates throughout the cafe. There are plants such as succulents and flowers. Artisanal and trendy decorations add a fun ambiance to the space full of people connecting over a cup of coffee.

The workers are nice and informing. They make sure that all of their customers have a pleasant visit, as they assure that everything ordered comes out perfect.

Throughout the cafe, one will notice the different places to sit down and enjoy food and drinks. People  can enjoy their r latte on a wooden table with a green grass scenery, on a table with purple lights shining on them or in a quiet room with a cozy fireplace and shelves full of books.

All food and drinks are served on wooden “Ella” trays. The cafe is known for having very unique food and drink options. Some of Ella’s coffee flavors include Caramel Rosemary, Hazelnut-ella and Lavender Honey. My order consisted of a french toast topped with strawberries and a hazelnut-ella substituted with macadamia nut milk in place of regular milk.

The hazelnut-ella tasted like a nutella coffee, hence its name. It was so comforting and tasty, bursting with flavor. The french toast was just right. It came in a little ramekin and was served perfectly warm. Strawberries and condensed milk topped the french toast and gave it the best touch of sweetness. The french toast was crunchy on the top and soft on the inside. I’d say it was the best french toast I’ve ever eaten, and that’s a longshot.

Ella Cafe is definitely the place to go for foodies and coffee lovers alike. Not only is the food and atmosphere worthwhile, but the cafe is the ultimate destination for fun Instagram photos.