[Brief] Men’s varsity baseball team beats down Coral Springs High School behind strong pitching staff

Jordan Ruddy

When second-baseman Gary Swanson (6) made his first plate appearance Friday against rival Coral Springs High, the entire crowd knew he was due for a huge at bat.

The Eagles took on the Coral Springs High Colts during Friday’s contest. They look to continue their win streak and be victorious in a huge rivalry game.

However, the Eagles came out ready to win against the Colts. Pitcher Kyle Yeoward (32) was given the start in this big district game. Yeoward stayed consistent and dominated every at bat. The Colts’ hitters didn’t stand a chance against his 90+ MPH fastball.

Yeoward finished with 3IP, 6K, BB, and zero runs allowed. He had himself an amazing day on the mound.

The offense was led by Swanson’s stand-up double to left-center field. This hit rallied the Eagles up and resulted in a frustrating day for the Colts.

Following Yeoward’s spectacular outing, pitcher Luke Schiltz (2) was dominating the strike zone. His tremendous curve ball had the Colt’s hitters missing and Schiltz smiling. Schiltz was untouchable through the two innings he was on the mound.

He ended up striking out six batter and letting up zero runs. His training and positive mentality has been an advantage during his playing career.

“Honestly, coming into the game, you have to look for first pitch strikes and make sure you are okay throwing in a district game,” Yeoward said when asked about his performance. “What I’m looking to improve is more than 80 percent first pitch strikes, which is good.”

The Eagles would continue to score throughout all seven innings. They led the Colts 7-0 as the game wound into its final stretch.

Then, reliever Kane Piccininni (27) was handed the ball to close the game out. He did just that and ended with one strikeout and a save.

The Eagles looked amazing through this week’s home stretch and continue to get closer to the State Championship.

Their home game is March 21 at 3:45 p.m.