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[Photo Galleries] The Eagle Eye documents the DC March For Our Lives through photos


*These galleries will begin to be updated by 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 24, 2018

Photo Gallery by Suzanna Barna

Photo Gallery by Kevin Trejos

Photo Gallery by Emma Dowd

Mobile Phone Gallery by The Eagle Eye staff

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  1. Drew Forsyth

    You and your classmates are correct. Federal law enacted in 1934, 26 USC sec. 5845(b), classifies any weapon that (1) does shoot, or (2) is designed to shoot, or (3) may be readily restored to shoot, automatically, more than one round per trigger function, is a “machinegun.” Every AR-15 design is a machinegun. Ronald Reagan signed a law on May 19, 1986, 18 USC sec. 922(o) that absolutely prohibited the sale of the machinegun used at your school. I will mail an analysis of those laws to you that support my lawsuit against IRS filed on December 13, 2017 to enforce the $200 tax per machinegun as leverage to force the Justice Department to enfore Reagan’s law. Florida law also prohibits ownership of a machinegun made after May 19, 1986.

  2. Natalie Esteban

    Thank you Richard and Nyan for taking the time to talk to us. You and your fellow students are leading the country in calling for common sense gun laws. Remember that yesterday’s March was just the beginning and to take your passion all the way to the polls!

  3. My heart goes out to the families of victims of violence. I do not understand why the USA does not adopt policies such as those in Canada and Australia..both are nations with huge hunter populations but with strict handgun and automatic weapon laws. You should add links to share your stories on Facebook.

  4. Joie Bourisseau

    Blessed BeLoveds ~ Finally!!! I’ve been looking all over, under and around for a way to contact you without tweeting (not my thing). I’m a 74 yo woman who has been preparing for this moment most of my life. I was awakened into full consciousness in 1972. I’ve received dreams, visions and a plethora of non-ordinary communication since then, about this moment of NOW.

    I AM SO EXCITED!!! You’ve done it!!! You did it!!! YOU young people, including some young Native Americans over a year ago during the despicable events at Standing Rock Indian Rez, have changed the landscape ~ FOR EVER!!!! FOR EVER!!! FOR EVERY ONE!!! Your clarity of convictions, your clarity of purpose, your clarity of intent, your clarity of consciousness … your clarity of energies … your clarity … your clarity … and your tenacity not to be mowed down, to hold your own ~ oh! have you ever held your own!!! have been AWESOME to witness. My entire BEing has been bursting for these past 24-36 hours!!! and I am joined by many other “old folks” who are jumping for JOY with how you have fulfilled some of the 500 year-old North American Indigenous First Peoples oral prophecies, that spoke of this NOW time, when the young people would lead the way. My heart gets so full when I am saying this!

    I do not want to diminish your loss in any way. There is some that I understand; much that I couldn’t begin to comprehend. My earthwalk has been one of crawling around the dark catacombs of consciousness. My earth mission has been to weave the Light energies and consciousness into the dark (not-love), and re-weave the dark energies and consciousness (not-love) back into Love. I say this because I know pain ~ deep pain (not like yours, but deep). I’ve been homeless for approximately 35 of these past 46 years. I’ve been so ill I was unable to care for myself or my beautiful daughter. I stepped up close and personal to suicide only once ~ but it was a close call.

    Those of us oldies but goodies who have been sharing this level of our united journey were burning up facebook and the wires yesterday, last night, and this morning. WE have waited for this moment for eons!!!


    My earth name is Joie ~ you have brought such JOY to so many!!!
    I am known by the ancients as Round Star. Mother Earth, our Star Relatives and all the Universes~ ‘Heavens’ ~ are bowing to your courage ~ and to the clarity with which you have fulfilled your mission, as one voice among many ~ and yes, we know you have just started, but what a kick-off!!!

    Nikanisitook~Mitakyue Oyasin~UBUNTU~Namaste~ALOHA~In Lak’ech~Kanyini ~ WE are ONE
    (Anishinaabe~ Lakota-Dakota-Nakota~ practiced by many African Nations~ Vedic~ Hawaiian~ Mayan~ Aboriginal)
    With deep, deep munay-ki to us all

  5. Michael Nicholson

    Great work, Great energy….Keep going! I’ve lived in several countries since birth but none had the horrendous violence, as in the US. I do love this country but wish it had a little more common sense.
    Just to take the time to look at other countries and their gun laws. I’ve lived in Canada and England and although they have the right to buy guns and hunt none come even close to the human toll here in the US….. I’m with you and wish you luck in shaking a little sense into these “politicians”!!

  6. Michele Troy-Berberian

    Dear Parklanders,
    I watched, I cried, I Wrote my congressman, I participated in March for Our Lives- Port Huron, MI, I hugged my own children. I will support your efforts, I will continue to write my Congress people, I will ask politicians that come to my door this summer what they value more…guns or our future….and I Will Vote. Please continue to lead the way, and we will support your valiant efforts for change…

  7. I am a student journalist and editor for in Wildwood, Missouri. I am doing a video story on student activism tied to the #NeverAgain movement at our school. Would you be able to share some of your photos with me to use with proper credit to the photographer and your publication to use in my video? Please contact me at Thank you.

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