Quarantine leads to students discovering new hobbies

Sophia Squiccirini, Sports editor

One of Sydney Lieberman’s paintings that she made in quarantine. This painting was inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Photo courtesy of Sydney Lieberman

During quarantine, it could get boring doing the same routine every day. With the newfound free time, students have found new hobbies to add to their daily routines.

Throughout the school year, students want to try new things, but never have the time for it. Being in quarantine is the perfect time to start a new hobby that they could even incorporate into their everyday life.

Sophomore Sydney Lieberman has always been passionate about art. Before quarantine, she had always wanted to start painting, but never got the time to do it because of her busy schedule. 

“Being in quarantine has given us nothing but time to try new things. So I’ve spent the time that I’m not doing school-work to learn new things like painting,” Lieberman said. “I’ve always been interested in art, my usual art medium is digital drawing and calligraphy on Procreate, but painting is another thing in the art realm that I wanted to try.” 

Even though it might be hard to fit it in her busy schedule after quarantine ends, Lieberman’ plans to continue painting because she found a new love for it.

Sophomore Camila Fraser has also wanted to always start a new hobby which is journalism. While being in quarantine, she has a lot of time to get her nightly journaling in now.

“I have so much time to journal now. I do it at night before bed, when I’m feeling inspired, or whenever I feel like I have to get something off my chest. I find that it’s a good way to destress and express things I’m feeling without having to say anything,” Fraser said.

Many of these hobbies that students are discovering are hobbies that they are going to continue doing outside of quarantine.

“I am definitely going to continue this hobby outside of quarantine. I think I’ve found that it doesn’t need to take as long as I thought it did, and so even when I’m busy in the future, I’ll make sure to take some time to journal for my own well-being,” Fraser said. 

Being in quarantine can get very stressful, so some students, like sophomore Nya Owusu-Afriyie, have found a hobby that makes them feel relaxed and at peace.

“I was feeling quite out of place with quarantine and everything and I wanted to try something that’ll soothe me and work on my meditation. So, I considered trying yoga and after I took a class online I absolutely loved how it made me feel free and relaxed,” Owusu-Afriyie said.

A hobby such as yoga can take the mind off of the overwhelming stress from the situation the world is in right now. Yoga can also be fit into the everyday lifestyle of a student in quarantine right now. 

“Yoga interests me because it offers me self-reflection, self-awareness, and helps me relieve any stress. I find any time I have throughout the day to take a class online. Since I’m home all day, I can practice whenever I want,” Nya Owusu-Afriyie said. 

Quarantine has led to many students being able to do hobbies that they weren’t able to do with the busy schedule of going to school. Now students have so much time to enjoy these new hobbies, and they could be incorporated into their day-to-day life.