October’s Athlete of the Month: women’s varsity golf player Lindsey Salomone


October’s Athlete of the Month: Golf Player Lindsey Salomone. Photo Courtesy of Ryen Kowalczyk and Nicole Suarez.

Noa Livni, Feature Editor

October’s Athlete of the Month: Golf Player Lindsey Salomone. Photo Courtesy of Ryen Kowalczyk and Nicole Suarez.
Junior Lindsey Salomone hits her driver on the par 4. Photo by Ryen Kowalczyk and Nicole Suarez.

Lindsey Salomone, a junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and MSD women’s golf player, has been selected as October’s athlete of the month. Salomone is a well-rounded student with a passion for both education, as well as sports including: golf, tennis and soccer.

Salomone was introduced to golf by her father when she was ten years old. 

“My dad is my inspiration. I aspire to be as good as he is one day,”  Lindsey Salomone said.

She continues to practice the sport, both in school and outside of school. Salomone spends about 8 hours per week practicing.

Salamone spends the majority of her time practicing on the golf course in her neighborhood, as well as Eagle Trace, where the golf team often plays. One of Salomone’s best features involving golf is her swing. 

Additionally, her favorite aspect of being on the golf team is making new friends each year and enabling herself to improve her skills. Salomone’s goal is to continue to improve her skills and eventually earn a scholarship to play golf in college.

Salomone expresses her appreciation for the MSD golf coach, AP World History and U.S. History Teacher, Devin Schaller. She emphasizes the impact he has had on the team as a whole, as well as the care he gives to students, since everyone has one of these amazing aopportunities.

“Coach Schaller is really caring and is always supportive. He always ensures that we’re doing alright and is a great person to have there for you,” Salomone said.

As a junior in high school, Salomone has had to balance sports with school. Salomone conveyed that being so busy with extracurricular activities has lessened the amount of time she has to procrastinate. This allows her to remain on task throughout the day, improving her work ethic.

The golf team recently advanced to the state championships, occurring this week from Mon., Oct. 28 to Wed., Oct. 30. Once the season is over, Salomone will continue to practice golf throughout the year. She is excited to join the team again next year, making new friends and pursuing her love for golf.