[Brief] MSD releases the One Additional Graduation Ticket Request Form for the Class of 2022

Erika Ryan, Writer

As MSD seniors of the graduating Class of 2022 finish their last semester of high school, an opportunity to receive one additional graduation ticket has been announced on Canvas, which is accessible through Clever.

MSD seniors have to fill out the One Additional Graduation Ticket Request Form if they need an additional ticket for the graduation ceremony. The time frame to complete this form is from Monday, April 18 to Friday, April 22 at 3:00 p.m.

To fill out the form, seniors must use their Microsoft Broward Schools email to login. On the form itself, students are asked for their name and student number to be eligible to receive an additional ticket.

Seniors will soon have the opportunity to walk across the stage and receive their diploma on Sunday, June 5 at Nova Southeastern University with their family and friends present.