[Brief] Eagles’ Haven wellness center granted large amount of funding from the state


Tribune News Service

Kanchana Krishnan Ayyer leads a meditation class at Eagles’ Haven Community Wellness center in Coral Springs. Letters of support for the victims of the Uvalde, Texas school shooting are being collected at the center through June 12. Courtesy of Mike Stocker/TNS.

Vincent Ciullo, Writer

The state of Florida granted Eagles’ Haven a sum of $600,000 on August 30, 2022. These funds were given in honor of the services the center provides to communities in need.

Eagles’ Haven is a wellness center dedicated to serving communities affected by the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018. The center accommodates visitors to multiple activities, including yoga, exercise, art and support groups, which are able to be booked on their app or website.

To present the Eagles’ Haven check was Florida District 96 Representative Christine Hunchofsky, Eagles’ Haven program director Rebecca Jarquin and State Senator Tina Polsky. Also in attendance was the Jewish Adoption and Family Care Options’ (JAFCO) CEO Sarah Franco and Vice Chairman Stewart Greenberg.

With the trial of the MSD shooter* still underway, Eagles’ Haven will most likely be a space for some to visit, as this is a difficult time for some residents of the community.

“These services are needed more than ever because this trial has provoked significant trauma,” Eagles’ Haven director Rebecca Jarquin said. “In the families of survivors and victims and in the community at large, the trial has been extraordinarily difficult.”

Prior to this federal funding being awarded to Eagles’ Haven, the wellness center was running low on funds. However, with the addition of this money, the location will be able to continue their services to visitors.

“If we didn’t get this funding, we would not have stayed open,” Jarquin said.

During a period where wellness, support and mental health awareness are needed, the funding comes at a perfect time for Eagles’ Haven to continue spreading their wings of love and support to communities across the country.

*Editor’s Notes: Since 2018, it has been the position of the Eagle Eye Editorial Board not to include the name or photo of the Feb. 14, 2018 shooter in any of our publication’s coverage, as it is a PTSD trigger for our readership and we believe in the No Notoriety organization’s call for responsible media coverage in the interest of public safety when acts of mass violence are committed.