[Brief] MSD kicks off Pep Rally for 2022 school year

Gianna McGinty, Writer

To kick off the 2022-2023 school year, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students gathered in the gym on Thursday, Sept. 8 for this year’s pep rally. This event was meant to celebrate this year’s homecoming week. Feeling the energy of the student section brings everyone together as a community, all cheering for the same reason, to excite everyone’s school spirit before the football team’s match against Plantation High School later that day.

Seeing all the classes and everyone together as a group fired up the school spirit. Feeling the school spirit made some people feel as if MSD is one big family.

“[My] favorite part was when the band played because I thought they sounded very good,”junior Luke Shay said.

Starting with cross country and ending with the football team, MSD sports and athletic teams all ran through the gym during both pep rallies with the crowd cheering wildly for them to get them pumped up for their upcoming seasons.

The rally performances started with the cheerleading squad getting the crowd hyped.

“Sideline cheer at MSD is an amazing opportunity to get better at cheer, pump the crowd up and make new friends,” freshman and member of sideline cheer Abigail Sandrine said.

Joining clubs and teams helps some people connect and meet new people. It could also lead to a lifetime passion or dream. Legends of Destiny, MSD’s step team’s, performance was a crowd favorite with the whole crowd in shock. The LED club performance was intricate and the crowd loved it, cheering throughout the whole performance.

“It took a lot of preparation. It’s not just having practice but knowing what to teach to the team, the music to play that will get people excited, the steps, it is a whole process,” senior and captain of the step team Roveschney Veillard said.

The step team danced to “Drill Em Down” and to “Conceited” by Flo Milli. Veillard thinks they did an amazing performance.

“I honestly believe we are one of the highlights of the show,” Veillard said.

The pep rally was a school spirit raiser; it helped students get hyped for the football game and recognized the different sport teams and performance groups of MSD.