[Brief] MSD students participate in Kefford’s Kitchen for the 2022-23 school year

Sofia Schorer Kaplan, Social Media Editor (Class Intercom)

The first Kefford’s Kitchen, a lunch meeting hosted for fellow students to be able to interact and engage with Principal Michelle Kefford, of the year was hosted on Thursday Sept. 22.

Kefford’s Kitchen takes place once month for the duration of the entire school year during both A and B lunch periods, and does not generally get scheduled for any specific date each month and revolves around Kefford’s schedule.

Sign-up was a couple weeks ago during both A and B lunches for a group of roughly 15 or 16 students per lunch period. Students were signed up using their designated first and fifth period classes and lunches for both silver and burgundy days.

During their respective first period, passes for admission were distributed for students who had signed up and were attending. The luncheon occurs during both A and B lunch in the principal’s conference room and students are provided food. Kefford’s Kitchen has been a tradition at MSD since Kefford replaced the prior principal in 2019, and often receives participation from the student body of all grades.

“It gives students an equal opportunity to express their questions, comments and concerns to Kefford personally, as well as giving them a platform to express their ideas for the school,” junior Maya Gordon said.

Gordon has attended Kefford’s Kitchen a few times prior. Each time she attended, she was able to voice her opinions and put forth her ideas into discussion with other students and Kefford.

Kefford hosts the lunch meeting primarily to provide a chunk of time to take student interest into consideration by discussing and interacting with students.

“It’s important for me to have an opportunity to speak to my students and for them to have a voice,” Kefford said. “So, it creates an opportunity for different kids to come together at various times during the year to sit and chat with me.”

Students can sign up in upcoming weeks during their lunch period to attend the Kefford’s Kitchen in October, as well as for the whole school year.